DIY Wine Cork Art Diptych

When we decorated Joslyn Davis' apartment for OMG We're Coming Over, we introduced our audiences to a triptych ... and today, we're expanding the vocabulary of wall art to include diptych, the two-pieced sibling of the triptych!

A wine cork wall art project like this has the opportunity to be very sentimental, if you make use of corks you've collected over the years. But even if you use store-bought corks, the creative potential of this project is insane! There are so many different patterns and textures you can use to make a very decorative diptych indeed.

Prep It!:

Two canvases Wine corks Hot glue gun White paint Paintbrush

Do It!:

  1. Using a cutting tool, slice your wine corks in half. Try steaming the corks before cutting them to make the texture easier to slice through. Also don't worry if the cut is precisely down the middle, variety looks good in a project like this!
  2. Using a pencil, lightly draw the pattern you want your corks to take across the two canvases. It's okay if you don't follow this pattern exactly since you'll be painting over it later!
  3. Apply hot glue to the flat side of the cut corks and start placing them on the canvas.
  4. Continue glueing the corks to the canvas until your pattern is complete!
  5. Once the glue is dry (it shouldn't take too long), paint over the corks and canvas with a flat white paint! You might need two coats of paint to cover the color of the corks.
  6. Let the paint dry and hang the canvases next to each other to achieve that #DIY Diptych look!

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