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This video really needs no explanation beyond telling you guys about the Draw My Life tag that has been roaming around YouTube. For those of you not familiar with YouTube lingo, a "tag" is a certain type of video theme/content that anyone can make and upload - it's usually a set of questions to answer or a challenge to do like, "My Boyfriend Does My Make-up", etc.. The only other tag I've done is the Boyfriend Tag with Joey here. Many people were requesting, via comments on my YouTube videos, that I do a Draw My Life video which is essentially that, where you draw pictures from events in your life to tell a story of who/why/how you are. I thought it was a fun challenge, and since we have a giant whiteboard wall at the office, I had the perfect canvas to Draw My Life.

Of course, this isn't my whole life! Drawing and telling your whole life story in 6 minutes was a challenge beyond my drawing and gabbing abilities...plus, I'm really old. But the stories I chose to tell and draw in the video (above) are ones that I hope you'll find amusing and/or give you some insight into some personal details of my life. It is rather ego-maniacal to assume that you'd want to watch a video about my life but if it tickles your fancy, take a gander and hear about my parent's barfy proposal, the time I lit a forest on fire and took a miniature horse to school...kinda in that order.

I'm actually a fairly good artist but drawing at top speed with whiteboard markers is not my forte, so I apologize for the scribbling...I'm better with the slow, watercolor variety.

Please make note that I was not an abused baby. I know these photos seem a little extreme but my childhood was not all pasta pots and unlit cigarettes...promise!

Didn't get this photo into the video but here I am in my green wig at my 8th grade graduation. Why green? Why NOT!?

One of my mom's adorable headshots...is that an Ed Hardy tank?

My rendition of when my sister got hit by a car. It was a traumatic event for my family, especially my sister obvi, I wrote a bit more about it in the post I did a few years ago on therapy.

Hope you enjoyed my journey with markers! I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. xo!

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