goldfish and lube

following post suited only for MATURE audiences...



last weekend i attended my friend Dan and Rachel's engagement party. i'm not too experienced with wedding gift etiquette and i wasn't sure if it was expected to give an engagement gift. the general consensus seemed to be no. no engagement gift but yes, bridal shower and wedding gift. okaaay, but i love giving presents! so i decided to just have fun with it and give them an "adult" themed gift box of random goodies. i set off to Target to find some cheap, random things that i could work into my box and decided to let the things i found (all under $5) dictate the theme for the box. i later stopped at a sex shop to fill in the dirty gaps.

finds: with my strict budget in mind, i combed Target finding all the cheapest things and then imagining how they could all fit together. from Target: paper towels, hangers, candle, ice pack, goldfish, mini parsley growing kit, men's winter gloves, women's winter gloves, a 500 piece puzzle, and poppers. from sex shop: weird pink finger things, mini bottle of lube and red feather tickler.

putting it together: based off of the sexy adult theme, and the poppers, and them being engaged etc., i thought to call the box/kit the "Pop, Goes the Hymen" kit. first i took a shoe box and covered it with tissue paper and ribbon, then i printed out these labels from Martha Stewart (love!) and figured out how each separate item could fit in with the over-all theme, excluding the sex shop purchases, which i figured were pretty self-explanatory. labels: paper towels: for cleanup, candle: to find the right hole, parsley growing kit: for practice growing tiny things, men's gloves: for warm nipple rubs, women's gloves: for fuzzy hand-jobs, hangers: for an accident or drying wet sheets, ice pack: for the after burn, goldfish: for a snack break, and puzzle: for the off night.

the resulting silly and risque box was a hit at the party.... especially those weird pink rubber finger things.

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