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halloween eve, joey and i decided last minute to venture out into the night. i had been totally costumely unmotivated leading up to just a couple hours before we decided to go out, to a party, at this amazing chinese food restaurant Fu's Palace, a block away from our place. the crunch time made it fun and we put together these outfits from ONLY things we had in the house already. $0 was spent. of course i am a weirdo and have things like the long blond wig, fake glasses and mumu just laying around, which, when combined, made the perfect dorky bearded girl costume for joey... i think he looks totally smashing!... he even peed in the ladies room and got away with it! i think it's his slim waist.

as i posted about here, i was inspired to draw a mythical creature-like design on my face and make goat ears out of an old headband, aluminum foil, duct tape and cotton balls which i died with acrylic paint. i took my Ikea sheepskin rug and belted it around my waist, my Ikea sheepskin pillowcases made perfect boot covers for my goat legs, which i fastened with hemp twine wrapped around (the fact that i have this much access to sheepskin is a little scary, buuut, that's beside the point). then to finish it off, i wrapped the collar from an old mark jacobs jacket around my neck (the effect was a little too mane-like which made people periodically think i was a bear or lion, but i liked it)... also so many people didn't know who Pan is! come on people, Greek Mythology!? All in all it was incredilby relieving to be in a chubby, warm, furry costume, and not a upiquitous "sexy" one.

other stand-outs: Audrey as Pippi Långstrump, Dan and Rachel as a Princess and Frog, Aj and Jenny as a Gangster (complete with hand-made cardboard gun) and Famous Flapper and Bryan as a Ninja...can you spot him?

c symbol: you may notice that i watermarked a few of my photos, which is just a reminder to please ask permission before using my photos to re-post anywhere, and to always credit me, and not pass them off as your own. thank you.

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