how to "dread curls"

i've been wearing my hair in what i call "dread curls" lately and people (ladies) often ask me, "how do you get your hair like that?" soo, i figured i'd do a...

how to: start with your hair blown semi-straight (if it's curly, like mine, which is naturally like this) but keep some body in it. if you have straight hair, tease the roots with a comb or natural bristle brush in different sections around the crown of your head to get some lift. use an oil or hair smoother all over to protect your hair from the heat of the curling iron. do the curls in 3 sections starting with the underneath layer of hair, then middle layer, and top layer last.

i use a Tourmaline ceramic 3/4" curling iron. the ceramic is better for your hair than metal and the 3/4" size is perfect for the size curls i want. curl about 1 to 2" chunks of hair at a time (change it up to get a more sporadic look), and curl away from your face. in the back of your head change directions for more messiness. now here is the trick for the dread curl look: do not curl the ends of your hair, otherwise you'll get the prom/Shirley Temple look, instead, curl the middle part of the lock of hair, leaving the ends out, and then pull the curling iron down as you're releasing the curl so you're stretching the curl to get the dread look as opposed to bounce.

then muss it up, finger comb through some of the curls so they're not so "perfect" and maybe a little more smoothing stuff if your naturally curly/frizzy or more teasing and a little spray of hairspray at the roots.

and voila! dread curls abound.

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