rogue balloon

joey and i were taking these photos quick-like today when this rogue lavender balloon floated in, very magical. maybe it was the ghost of this bird that we saw hurt the other day. we tried to walk up to it but it got scared and flew clumsily away. we thought it was gone but then happen upon it's dead body on the roof of a nearby shed, (i made joey climb up with a ladder, because i thought it might still be wasn't). i called Animal Control, before we found its body but they said they couldn't come if it was still flying around. it was sad. i held a tiny ceremony and burnt the paper towel that i had used to wipe up its blood from the porch.... is that weird? maybe. but it was symbolic and i felt so bad that it was hurt and scared before it died. but maybe it visited today in the form of a polychloroprene balloon that peacefully floated in and then floated away again after a couple photos...i'm sure weirder things have happened.

just got back from the screening of a short film that i was in called Shop Secret at the New Filmmakers Los Angeles film festival. It also got into the Vail Film Festival, woot woot... check out a trailer here: ShopSecretFacebookTrailer's funny.

mmmmkay, clothes: topshop shoes and petite skinny jeans, Oxford Circus shirt, vintage belt, all Mr. Kate jewelry: bolt necklace, etc. chains worn as bracelets, twig cuffs and bangles, cereal ring in black gold.

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