keep calm and carry on

i got these keep calm and carry on band-aids for my b-day and i thought i'd do a gangsta/hippie look. the phrase "keep calm and carry on" was first used by the British government at the beginning of WW II to keep citizen moral up in case of an invasion... well, i thought i'd put it on my forehead, in case of an invasion, of bad vibes man.

i've been craving a hippie tunic and haven't found one, so instead i cut the bottom off this flea market mumu i got for $10 i think, and made it into an oversized, breezy tunic top. perfect for summer and raising citizen morale.

i had the weirdest morning. i spent a couple hours on a stool in front of hot lights and a camera at the VH1/MTV buildings shooting comedic commentary for an upcoming awards show they're having called The Do Something Awards. they are honoring and awarding different celebrities and shows, etc. who have made an impact through their charity! why did they ask me? not quite sure, nor do i know if any of my 30 some-odd comments will make it onto the final show, but we'll see. non the less, i was happy and honored to do it and it was fun! ...and i got pizzzaid! (that's paid in gangsta)

-ditto jeans, flea market cut-short mumu, vintage brooch i made into a ring, natalie b rhinestone necklace worn backwards, Mr. Kate jewelry (twig cuffs, stacked twig rings, new bark 3-strand bracelet, screw you)-

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