DIY Large-Scale Instagram Wall Art

Put those glasses back on! Your prescription's fine, you're not seeing double. What you're seeing is me with the ever-lovely Peyton List, who I met up with to DIY some large-scale wall art for Glamour Magazine. As modern girls, we tend to snap, Insta, and document all the major and memorable moments of our lives on our cellphones, forever having to relive those moments on the display of a 3x5 inch screen. But, it's so easy to print those pics out, get a few supplies, and DIY them into a lasting souvenir that seriously amps up your home's style game.

Plus, with large-scale art being so popular (yet not very affordable) this is a great way to hack your way to some posh home decor. Printing images out at a copy store only costs a few dollars! Then, it's just a few DIY steps (which you can watch above, and read in more detail below) to home decor perfection! MrKate_Glamour_WallArt_DIY_2016_Blog (31 of 43)

Prep It:

Architectural print of your favorite Instagram or photo (Bring a PDF version, and they can size at the FedEx or any copy store) Wood dowel the length of the top of your print Hot glue gun and glue sticks Screw hooks Rope/ leather ribbon

MrKate_Glamour_WallArt_DIY_2016_Blog (41 of 43) MrKate_Glamour_WallArt_DIY_2016_Blog (19 of 43)

Do It!:

  1. Screw two hooks into the thin side of one of your wood dowels, far apart from each other.
  2. Hot glue the length of the top of your print, and quickly press down the dowel, making it as even as possible.
  3. Repeat the same step for the other side of the print.
  4. Tie rope or leather ribbon through the hooks, hang on the wall, and bask in the glamour of your new creation!
MrKate_Glamour_WallArt_DIY_2016_Blog (35 of 43)MrKate_Glamour_WallArt_DIY_2016_Blog (3 of 43)MrKate_Glamour_WallArt_DIY_2016_Blog (18 of 43)MrKate_Glamour_WallArt_DIY_2016_Blog (37 of 43)

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