new decoden phone cases in the shop!

We have new, fresh and delicious Decoden phone cases in the shop! Available for iphone 4, 4s and 5 and now for Android too - these are perfect for Summer to protect your phone with style and humor. All carefully hand-frosted, these one-of-a-kind cases are durable and soooo fun! Please, let me introduce our new friends...

  • Summer Ice Cream Fling for the iphone 4/4s $68 is all about those hot summer days spent with a hot date where all you need is a rainbow cone, a bow in your hair and love!
  • Mandarin Dreamsicle for the Motorola Droid X $68 is our first Android case! Mandarin orange slices, a yellow macaroon and frosting rose make this case a refreshing delight for your phone.
  • Vintage Rose for iphone 4/4s $68 is like a Summer vacation to England where you walk through the blooming English gardens and then have a nice cup of tea while drinking out of a vintage tea cup…oh, and while wearing a strand of pearls!
  • Music and Macaroons for the iphone 5 $68 is a pop song on a cake! This colorful trio of macaroons will have your heart singing a catchy tune and make those business phone calls a lot more fun.
  • Summer Flowers for the iphone 5 $68 features a bouquet of colorful daisies and a giant matte pink rose. Top off your Summer soiree with a mini strawberry ice cream cone and life is gooood
  • Bow-dacious Cupcakes for the iphone 4/4s $68 is bow-daciously adorned with delicious cupcakes in all flavors all hanging out with some girly bows #girlpower #cupcakepower
  • Chocolate & Strawberries for iphone 4/4s $68 is our bestselling design of everyone's favorite combination: chocolate and strawberries! A giant piece of half-bitten chocolate at the top of the case shows how irresistibly tasty this phone case is - so hold on tight while you're texting so someone doesn't take a bite!

These cases are one-of-a-kind so shop quick!

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