OMG We Bought A House! S2 E2: What's in the Attic?

We have an attic? What's up there?!? Hopefully not a 90 year old rat! This episode of OMG We Bought A House! (above) was so fun, scary and dirty to make. We ventured up into our peaked attic for the first time and it was quite a time. I hope you love it and laugh. Let's see what we're able to do with Hansford the draftsman's plans along with our architect's input. If it makes sense budget, time and re-sale value wise we might make that a second floor for a third bedroom! We shall see.

Stay tuned to the upcoming episodes to see what we end up doing! If you missed episode 1, check it out: 'OMG We Bought A House! S2 Ep1: We're Back and We have Issues!'


Our attic outfits. Styling advice came from Hansford the draftsman.


Some samples Joey and I pulled for vibe while we were up in the attic. Even though it was so dark up there we could barely see what we were picking.


Joey said he might have a spider in his butt crack so I took it upon myself to give him a good hose-down after we climbed out of the dirty attic!




Awwww Hansford and Winston!


We're ready to get up there!


What did you think of the episode? What do you think we should do up in our attic? Thanks for watching! xo

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