packing for a festival

text2 Milo asks: Hi there Mr. Kate, I've never been to a concert before and it'll be my first time for my birthday. I was wondering what you would suggest as an OOTD for such an event and concerts in general. Please and Thanks in advance <3 My answer: Milo, I'm so excited for you to go to your first concert and this question is excellently timed because a lot of you are probably prepping to go to Coachella and other music festivals this Spring/Summer. Of course, concert outfits are half the fun and for many of you going to festivals you have to pack and travel to get there so this post is dedicated to packing simply and cutely for festival season!

See more in DIY Festival Outfits and if you want to laugh, check out our past two Coachella spoof videos.festivalpacking_2

Here's what I would pack:

  • Funky, comfy sneakers like my Ash platform sneaks. Great for when you're roaming around or standing and dancing!
  • Badass sandals like my Schutz gladiators - these are perfect for a little dressier moment, nightime, etc.
  • A long flowy dress because everyone wants to feel like a hippie princess at a concert (or at least I do) - this one is vintage and made from gauzy cotton.
  • A lacey top is great to keep you cool and looking hippie chic
  • Shorts - I like lightweight shorts with a little lace detail instead of cut-offs - you could wear them with the sneakers or the sandals.
  • A DIY flower headband - see how to make your own in DIY Rose Crown and DIY Floral Headpiece
  • A straw hat to keep the sun off your face - see how I made this DIY Daisy Hat
  • A statement necklace like the Goddess Necklace because we're all goddess's and this will amp up any look!
  • A purse that has enough room to store my other concert essentials (listed below) but is lightweight - like this straw bag I got from the flea market.

Accessories are key too!...


It's all in the little things - Accessories make an outfit pop and will make you feel like you've styled something as opposed to just gotten dressed.

Festival purse essentials...


Toiletries & Extras:

  • A Protein bar - this Cliff Bar has caffeine in it! Perfect for keeping your feet a'dancin'! and curbing your hunger if the food tent line is too long.
  • Baby wipes - great to freshen your armpits if you're starting to get a little stinky or cleaning your hands after the port-a-potty germs
  • Natural deodorant - I love Kai Deodorant!
  • Natural sun screen - smear that stuff on every day and reapply half way through
  • Colorful lipstick to freshen your look - I love Lime Crime's pink Velvetine
  • Poo-pouri - to use in the port-a-potty to make it a slightly more pleasurable experience by blocking out some of that smell!

Have fun out there dancing! Take pictures and make sure to share what you're wearing! #mrkate #beautymarks, etc! Stay safe and #weird. xx

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