some fave foods

i wanted to do a wee post about two of my favorite healthy food items: a sauce and a desert!

i have been vegan/macrobiotic since December and i really like it! sometimes you have to get creative with your food but the macrobiotic way of eating is pretty straightforward and easy, once you know the basics. one of the big things is sweeteners and trying to stay away from cane sugar, thus, people following a macrobiotic lifestyle use alternative natural sweeteners that don't spike your blood sugar as much, such as maple syrup, brown rice syrup, agave....which brings me to:

i have a sweet tooth and i make no bones about it and i have now found my favorite brand of vegan ice cream which is sweetened with agave syrup! Luna & Larry's Organic Coconut Bliss ice cream is made from creamy delicious coconut milk, sweetened with agave syrup and comes in a variety of flavors (two of my faves seen above: Mint Galactica and Chocolate Peanut Butter). it is carried in natural foods markets and if you can't find it near you, you can get it shipped to you by ordering it online here. seriously try some, it's so good!

my next new fave food item is: Miso Mayo in the Garlic 'N' Dill flavor. it is tangy and garlic-y, yet refreshing with the dill and it is so good on sandwiches and my new favorite quick meal: buckwheat soba noodles with Miso Mayo and a little Gomasio sprinkled on's kinda like the macrobiotic ramen noodle! this can also be found at natural foods markets.

a quick note about money, dahlahs, dinero: i know shopping at natural foods markets like Whole Foods can be expensive and pricier than regular super-markets. my suggestion is to just go to these more expensive places to get the stuff you can only get there, like these sauces, treats, packaged foods or specialty items. you'll only have to go once or twice per month and then get all the rest of your groceries, veggies, grains, basics at farmers markets, Trader Joe's or super-markets (if they have organic local stuff). it really doesn't end of being much more to eat healthy and delicious, as long as you're smart about it.

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