Styling: Multiple Rings


Skevi Asks: "Hi Mr. Kate I wanted to ask how you can combine....rings in one hand...:)

My Answer: Hi Skevi! Styling multiple rings is so fun! I like to wear a lot of jewelry...duh ; ) and I love the look of multiple stacks of rings on more than one digit on one hand. But as with any good outfit or room design, it needs to be the right balance! In this post, I delve into how I go about stacking and styling more than one ring.

Most of the rings used in this post are from the new Elsie Collection with the exception of the Web Ring, Pixie Rings, and The Feather Cuff Ring, shop all the rings here.


  • The Rings! Notice that I picked a balance of band rings, both delicate and detailed and then a few larger statement, cocktail rings as well as one crown aka midi ring.
  • Let's start with this epic stack: I would only ever wear this on one finger without any other rings except maybe a cocktail ring on my pointer. I used the Treasure Ring with the crystals as the base and stacked up with the smallest Pixie Ring on top and then the Tiara Crown ring above my knuckle.



  • Stacking and pairing similar styles: You'll notice that the inset crystals unite all 3 of these ring styles. The Geo Diamond Cocktail ring next to a stack of Treasure rings and a Forcella ring on my pinkie. The thing that makes this look more complex and kind of vintage looking is the mixed metals in the Treasure ring stack.



  • Stack big over small and upside-down: Play with proportions and stack a wide band ring like the Forest Reflection ring over a petite band ring like the Forcella ring. Make this look even more hip and fun by wearing a ring upside-down on your the Tiara Crown ring I wore here in rose gold. Again I played with mixed metals.



  • A classy stack: An easy go-to is a stack of crystal band rings like the Treasure ring. The mixed metals make it interesting and the simplicity makes it classic.



  • Wear the same style on different fingers: I love the spikey but delicate Pixie Ring worn in different sizes and different metals on various fingers.





  • A balance of power with similar shapes: Two statement rings like the Web Ring and Tiara crown ring balance each other because of their similarity in shape.



  • Unite with texture: Wear a stack of similarly textured rings.



  • Go crazy! Try different mixes and stacks and pinkie rings to find your perfect balance.





I hope I gave you some ideas to style your own rings in multiple ways! xo

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