DIY counting sheep text art + frame


Large text art is a great way to add a splash of color in a room full of white walls or a splash of humor to any space. ;) This DIY was featured in 'Mister Sister! Episode 3: Chic Bedroom Design!' If you missed it, watch it here!


mrkate_mister_sister_bedroom DIY Counting Sheep Text Art with Custom Frame Prep It (ART): Prep It (FRAME):





mrkate_mister_sister_bedroom-21 Do It! (Counting Sheep Text ART) "One Sheep, Two Sheep, Three Sheep...shit, I want cookies!":
  1. I prepped the large canvas by thickly applying acrylic paint in a pale ivory/coral and a light taupe. This adds texture to the canvas and makes it look more finished. I also wanted to add more color to the room than just all white.
  2. Tape down your stencil letters using painter's tape - you may have to reuse some letters that repeat in your phrase.
  3. We taped off all around the letters to connect the stencils making the next step easier to paint everything at once.
  4. Lightly cover your foam roller in paint and roll over the stencils. Let dry.
  5. Peel off your stencils and you're done.
Do It! (FRAME):
  1. Stain your wood with a rag. Simply rub the stain saturated rag all over the wood until the wood is coated. Let dry.
  2. Cut one end of each of the four pieces of wood at a 45 degree angle. To do this clamp your wood to your miter box and saw along the 45 degree angle notch.
  3. Measure the outside perimeter of your canvas.
  4. Measure from the innermost (short side) of your 45 degree angle cut to match the length of your canvas. This will be the point from which to angle up and out your next 45 degree cut. (Refer to the diagram below.)
  5. Once all four pieces are cut, it's time to let them hug your canvas! Start gluing your corresponding 45 degree angles together and staple along the seam. We stapled on both sides for a really secure hold since it was such a big canvas. TIP: rub a little stain over the staple to camouflage against the wood.
  6. Hang your new custom art and enjoy!
mrkate_frame-diagram mrkate_mister_sister_bedroom-21

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