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Through a great team effort (AKA Joey, a ladder, and a power drill) the Mr. Kate Hello Room now has a fantastic shelf display to welcome all guests, friends, and random passersby who randomly wander into our office (it has happened.)

Once these shelves were installed, we got to the fun part — decorating! In addition to some great plants in custom pots by Pop Up Greens, we wanted these to display the products in a pretty way that also showed off our lobby as the home of a lifestyle brand.

Below, we gathered some of our favorite shelf-styling tips (because it is an art!) and some of our favorite products to get you started on the display of your dreams!

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Shelves practically beg for pictures in gallery frames, but a design trick to consider is hanging the picture on the wall the shelf is up against, instead of placing it on the platform. This leaves more room on the shelf for items to create a vignette with depth. You can also rest the picture on the shelf and lean it against the wall!

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If your shelves need to serve a functional, storage-like purpose, get creative with how you arrange things! I used this jewelry display for the Pussy Panties, and the pineapple is wearing a Horn Lariat! Cuuuuute!

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If your shelves don't have a lot of open space above them, or a full bouquet of flowers overwhelms the space, consider smaller collections of flora in quirky cute vases like this cement pomegranate. This small bouquet adds charm to the shelf in a thoughtful and colorful way.

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If you're setting up more than one shelf, play around with the different heights and widths available. Just because most people like symmetry doesn't mean that it's the best for your space! We varied the heights of our shelves for a more complex and intriguing artistic display.

Think down under - notice that the very top shelf has a plant hanging from the underside of it! We did this

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I'm a huge fan of plants in any space, but on shelves you have a great opportunity to use smaller plants to make a big impact. Look for plants with unique shapes, textures, or colors. Since they're on a major focal point on the wall, their spunky appearance will stand out more than if they were on, say, a table! Same goes for planters and pots!

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