treks and spikes


i went a little coocoo yesterday (maybe it's all the sea vegetables) and i experimented with some treky/80's make-up. this was in the morning before i decided i needed to go to the mall to get a pair of cheap black jeans to shred up (ohhhhhhhmygod, don't go to the mall on a saturday in the weeks before the holidays, especially on a self-serving errand, it was so crowded with people shopping for their loved ones and i was shopping for myself!) anyways-ways, i was sporting my wacko make-up so i think i frightened some of the festivus shoppimus maximus.

and here's a little diy...






so what, maybe studs are tired and i'm sure shredded black jeans are for that matter. but i've never been one to subscribe to whatever is "in" nor can i afford to keep up with the latest and greatest, so i've always just sported what i like! thus this diy: i took the black jeans that i intended to shred anyways, and cut the bottom seam off keeping it sewn together in a loop. then i broke out my studs (that i got a while ago from studs and spikes) and randomly placed them on the jean loops. the results are little studly loops that i can wear as a bracelet or like spur/boot straps around my plain black (and cheap) grungy granny boots or whichever shoes need some spikesnazz!

oh and a reminder to anyone interested in buying MR. KATE jewelry for holiday gifts (the perfect gift for anyone spectacular on your list)... please place your orders soon (like this week) because many of my pieces are made-to-order and i will need to start work on them this week in order to get them to you in time for X-mas/Winter Solstice/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa la dee da la. thanks!!!

i'm leaving for NYC tomorrow for the week, hopefully will breed some good posts poor bygone kitties!

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