DIY Watercolor Curtains from A Hot Glue Gun Mess

This is one of my favorite projects from A Hot Glue Gun Mess and I'm so happy I get to show all of you how to do it in a video! What I love most about this project is the freedom. You DO NOT have to be a good painter in the least because it's literally just applying splotches of color on silk. See the how-to in the video above!

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Prep It:

day10_watercolorcurtains_IMG_6101 day10_watercolorcurtains_IMG_6113 day10_watercolorcurtains_IMG_6178MrKate_DIY_AHGGMWatercolorCurtains MrKate_DIY_AHGGMWatercolorCurtains-2


  1. Measure your windows with the measuring tape and cut the silk fabric in panels to fit, leaving an extra inch for a hem on the bottom.
  2. Hem the bottom of each panel by folding an inch of fabric around a piece of iron-on hem tape and ironing to seal with the iron on a low heat setting. Tip: Use a damp cloth between the iron and silk to help the hem tape bond faster.
  3. Lay the silk flat on a drop cloth or in an area you don't mind getting painty. Prep your watercolors by squirting a bit of each color on the palette and mixing with water.
  4. Paint your curtains with patches of color, letting the brushstrokes and paint run organically. Use more or less water to intensify the pigment and spread the color. Tip: Experiment with different strokes and techniques, knowing that there's no wrong way to paint these curtains! Let dry thoroughly.
  5. To hang your watercolor curtains, attach the unhemmed end of each panel to the clip rings and slide the rings onto the curtain rod. The raw edge allows for more flexibility when hanging if you need to adjust the length.

MrKate_DIY_AHGGMWatercolorCurtains-4 MrKate_DIY_AHGGMWatercolorCurtains-5MrKate_DIY_AHGGMWatercolorCurtains-2THUMBweb

What do you think? Quite a statement right?

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