winding way falls

this past sunday joey and i went on an outdoor adventure. i love outdoor activities that take you into the wilderness where you can soak up vitamin D and get your heart pumping...and that's exactly what we did! we drove up Pacific Coast Highway to the Winding Way Trail and hiked to a gorgeous waterfall. watch the full video above to see the waterfall in all it's glory. it was a beautiful day and an easy hike to the base waterfall, probably about 2 miles. then, if you're feeling adventurous, do what we did and hike up the steep rocky path (fyi you'll need to use your hands too to hoist yourself up) to the upper huge waterfall. there is a pool underneath and it's so worth it!

directions to the Winding Way Trail and Waterfall: - take Pacific Coast Highway North from LA towards Santa Barbara. - after you pass through the town of Malibu keep an eye out for Latigo Canyon Rd. the turn off for Winding Way is a couple small streets past Latigo. - turn right on Winding Way and park. - hike up the road until you get to the trail head sign. - follow the trail down and around (you'll have to make it across a couple tiny streams, there are rocks to jump on) - you will dead-end in area where the bottom waterfall lands. you can hang out/picnic here or - go up to the right of the waterfall and follow the steep rocky trail up to the top waterfall that is truly paradise!

check out this post with another LA waterfall hike location

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