year of the dragon - what it means for you

Happy (Chinese) New Year!

it is the Year Of The Dragon this year, the Water (Yin) Dragon to be exact. i'm not too familiar with the Chinese astrological years but i did a little research, because it's pretty fascinating, and this is supposed to be a very auspicious year under the watchful eye of the powerful dragon!

the most mighty Year of the Dragon comes every 12 years but the year of the Water Dragon comes every 60 years! so for some of us, this may be the only Water Dragon year we experience.. so carpe diem peeps!

the sign of the Dragon is the most powerful of all the signs. it is the sign of drive, passion and ambition. like Nancy, my Vietnamese manicurist, was telling me, (Vietnamese also celebrate the Chinese New Year), many people are waiting to have babies this year so that they may be born in the Year of the Dragon to guarantee their success in life. but for the rest of us, that are not newborn infants, don't fear! take advantage of this powerful, successful year and maybe start a business or that project you've been wanting to do! or finally go ask your crush out on a passionate date!

the Year of the Water Dragon is further defined as being the most Yin of the Dragon signs. that means the most inward of power. water is growth for the Chinese so look at this year as an opportunity for inward growth.

the one flaw that the Dragon has is tension. with all the over-exertion of power and work-ethic it can grow weary, if not careful. so while you should go-get-'em this year, be kind to yourself too and make sure to recoup! a little cozy pig or hamster... hm, not sure there's a Year of the Hamster. i'll do more research...

Happy Dragon Year!

ps - that dragon in the picture is a Feng Shui symbol my mom gave to my bf Joey to put on his desk to bring him success... it's working!

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