glitter tipped nails

this is my new manicure for the next couple weeks. it's gel but you could totally do this with regular nail polish. i get gel manicures because it's the only thing that will stay on my nails with all my hot gluing and jewelry making. a manicure every 2 or 2.5 weeks is the one thing i pamper myself with...well, that, and, and chocolate, aaaand bad reality tv. okay fine, i pamper myself a lot but you only live once!

this is the first time i ever did an oval nail shape (i always do square). but me, and my manicurist Nancy, decided it was a good move with the glitter tips... plus it makes for better kitty scratching!

Do It:

  1. file your nails in a slight oval shape.
  2. use a nude or pale pink as your base color
  3. pick a couple glitter colors you like. (i did silver on the first 3 fingers, lavender on my ring and army green on my pinkie)
  4. paint a thick arched and imperfect tip of glitter on each nail. i really wanted it to look like the glitter was falling down my nail a little... i actually would have done it more imperfectly if i did it myself but Nancy is a perfectionist.
  5. seal with a couple coats of a clear top coat.

i'm wearing random sunglasses and the Mr. Kate Dreamcatcher Lattice Ring

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