OMG We Bought A House: Choosing House Colors!

After spending 2 and a half seasons of OMG We Bought A House getting the inside of our pad up to "dream home" standards, it's high time we make sure the exterior matches the calm and refreshing tone we've set indoors.

But, as we learned with Office Goals and repainting our giant citrus fruit of an office, sometimes discerning the subtleties between whites or baby pinks is hard! Since Joey and I are going to re-stucco our home instead of repainting it, we opted to test out sample colors to help us find what shade of white is juuuuust right (which is a total home hack, since paint samples are very inexpensive! Little cost, little commitment!)

Watch the episode above and check out some pics (and plans for the house) below!

Our driveway is an actual driveway!! We tinted the cement dark gray and used an acid coat on the top so it wouldn't dry smooth but with some of the aggregate exposed.

Phase 1: Our house as is (very khaki!!)

Phase 2: Our house with white stucco. (Already much better.)

Phase 3: Out house with white stucco and gray trim!! Perfection!

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