Come Decorate A Colorful Office With Me!

Mr. Kate + Shameless Maya, back at it again!

After creating a colorful, drag queen bohemian world within Maya's LA loft on OMG We're Coming Over, I couldn't resist her request to help decorate her new LA office space as well because I love to support my fellow female entrepreneurs! What can I say, I understand the importance of having a fabulous home and office.

Our schedule is crazy and I needed to finish this project quickly, so instead of pulling out all the stops with our usual film crew, I decided to document this process vlog style, so you can all see what's *really* going on in my head during a takeover-makeover-transformation.

Check out the behind-the-scenes craziness, silliness, delightful decoration, and of course — more of our good friend, Maya, above!

MrKate__HouseOfShameless-MrKate__HouseOfShameless-4918MrKate__HouseOfShameless-4943Graphics_BeforeAfterMrKate__HouseOfShameless-3718MrKate__HouseOfShameless-4955MrKate__HouseOfShameless-3724MrKate__HouseOfShameless-4948MrKate__HouseOfShameless-3726MrKate__HouseOfShameless-4936MrKate__HouseOfShameless-3750MrKate__HouseOfShameless-3884MrKate__HouseOfShameless-4956MrKate__HouseOfShameless-3898MrKate__HouseOfShameless-4942MrKate__HouseOfShameless-4938MrKate__HouseOfShameless-3755MrKate__HouseOfShameless-3874MrKate__HouseOfShameless-4983MrKate__HouseOfShameless-3883MrKate__HouseOfShameless-4978MrKate__HouseOfShameless-4969MrKate__HouseOfShameless-4970MrKate__HouseOfShameless-4984 MrKate__HouseOfShameless-4987MrKate__HouseOfShameless-4965MrKate__HouseOfShameless-4949

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