Dining Room Design Challenge!

Welcome back to Design Vs. Design! These episodes are such a fun way to showcase some #creativeweirdos and see how they respond to the little twists and challenges presented. This time the room our contestants need to design is a dining room, and each of them was asked to incorporate a surprise color!

Watch the episode above and check out the process and before and afters below!

Meet our contestants, Roisin (left) and Alyssa (right)! Each of them are such inspiring creative weirdos with amazing DIY skills!

Alyssa's surprise color was neon yellow, something she initially resisted, saying it was her least favorite color!

Roisin's surprise color was a bright orange, and she had some very innovative ideas about how to incorporate that.

So let's see how the rooms turned out! First up is Alyssa's dining room...

Our judges — James Charles, Kristen McAtee, and Jeffrey Alan Marks — were all impressed with Alyssa's design decision to layer rugs in her room!

They were also absolutely stunned by her chandelier, which was a 100% DIY project! Alyssa brought the yellow into her room in such a creative way with this showstopper light.

One of the details of the challenge was that both contestants needed to incorporate an entertaining area into the dining room, which Alyssa did with this yellow chair and knit pouf.

These frame mats are also a DIY! And the pictures are of Alyssa's kids, so sweet!

Now let's see Roisin's room!

Roisin chose to make the color story of her room a combination of deep green and bright orange, which is a juxtaposition I can get behind!

The judges loved the fun details of Roisin's table setting, like these metallic decorative spheres!

DIY alert! Roisin created this wall art, which I love! It reminds me of our wall art projects for a lot of room makeovers.

Roisin's entertaining area was very bar-focused and the judges loved how thought-out it was. She said she was inspired by all of her nights in with friends in college!

Oh hi, judges!

After walking through each room, talking with each contestant, and deliberating, the judges picked a winner...

Congrats, Alyssa!! We were all so impressed and inspired by your DIYs and dining room design!

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