Besties Vs. Sisters Design Challenge!

To quote an age-old saying/ recent Taylor Swift lyric — "there ain't no I in team." Which is why *I* was so excited to see how Design Vs. Design worked when it wasn't individuals competing, but teams! We challenged two duos — one pair of sisters, and one pair of best friends — to design a living room in the other team's signature style. This challenged them to step outside their design comfort zone, and I think the results were outstanding!

Watch the episode above and check out the before and after pictures below!

The first team is best friends Sha'am and Danya, who love a minimalist style but were challenged to design a bohemian room.

The second team is sisters Jackie and Jordan, whose boho style was swapped in this challenge for minimalism.

Shopping time! Sha'am and Danya got more carts of accessories and other styling options than I have ever seen before on Design Vs. Design! Their shopping philosophy was definitely "more is more."

Meanwhile, Jackie and Jordan thought very carefully about each piece in the room and paid a lot of attention to elements like texture.

Here is Sha'am and Danya's Moroccan dream bohemian room!

Everyone was so impressed and enamored with the henna-inspired paintings that the girls did on the walls. They also created arches over the windows with paint, which was one of the standout details for the judges.

Overall, everyone felt that this room was so inviting and warm. The colorful choices made the space feel alive, and the judges felt that the design would have looked as good in any color!

Great job, Sha'am and Danya!

Here is Jackie and Jordan's colorful, yet minimalist room!

We were all very intrigued and excited by the sisters' choice to go for a colorful wall, even though they designed in a minimalist style. Minimalism doesn't have to mean all white!

Jordan and Jackie created this tarot spread, which is meant to symbolize energy clearing, to set a calm and fresh vibe for the room.

One of the more divisive choices the sisters made was painting the trim of their room in a teal color, but overall, their room was praised for its innovation on the concept of minimalism, and its immediate and inviting functionality as a cozy living room.

Great job, Jackie and Jordan!

Let's meet the judges! We have Daniella Monet — actress and YouTuber, Drew Scott, designer extraordinaire (and second time judge!), and Kelly Mindell — the vividly colorful and creative mind behind Studio DIY!

While the judges absolutely loved both spaces, they had to make a decision! After touring the rooms and speaking with the contestants, they ultimately chose ...

Sha'am and Danya to be the winners! Congrats to these amazing Creative Weirdos!

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