DIY Halloween Skull Candle Holders

If there's any time of year when it's appropriate to just die over the perfect DIY, Halloween season would be it! (But only if you promise to reincarnate after! Ghostly hands aren't too good with hot glue guns, I've heard.)

To get ready for this most ghoulishly glamorous season, we decided to bring together spookiness and sparkle in a set of DIY Skull Candle Holders. Ours each have distinctive personalities and vibes, but with some creativity, you could make a whole graveyard full of different deadheads!

Watch the DIY video above, and check out the how-tos below!


Black and Ghouled Skull Candle Holder


Prep It:

Styrofoam skull Craft knife 1" diameter copper pipe cap 1" diameter taper candle Black acrylic paint Gold gilding paint Paintbrush Detail paintbrush


Do It!:

  1. Use the pipe cap to decide where the candle will be placed on the top of your skull. Press it into the skull to make a circular indent, then take the pipe cap off and score to cut a hole in the top of the styrofoam skull for it to be placed in.
  2. Paint your skull black, using one or two coats to get complete coverage.
  3. After the black paint has dried, use a smaller brush to paint the gold gilding onto the teeth of the skull. The gold paint may deteriorate the styrofoam teeth, but this will give it a cool, "rotted" look just perfect for some Halloween decor.
  4. Place the pipe cap and taper candle on the top of the skull and watch it come to (after)life!

Pink Pirate Diva Skull Candle Holder


Prep It:

Styrofoam skull Craft knife 1" diameter copper pipe cap 1" diameter taper candle Light pink acrylic paint Paintbrush Assorted flat back rhinestones Hot glue gun and hot glue


Do It!:

  1. Follow step 1 as listed above to cut the hole for the pipe cap and taper candle.
  2. Paint your skull with the light pink acrylic paint, adding coats if needed for complete coverage.
  3. Once your paint is dry, start placing and hot gluing rhinestones in one of the skull's eye sockets. Repeat until it is fully blinged out!
  4. Place the pipe cap and candle on the top of the head and you're ready to party with your pink pirate diva!

DIY Ombre Candles


Prep It:

1" diameter taper candles Black acrylic paint Sponge brush


Do It!:

  1. Working from the base, use the sponge brush to dab black paint on the candle. Work up until about halfway, making sure to dab excess paint off as you go to get the ombre effect.
  2. Roll your candles in a paper towel to help get excess paint off, and to further add the ombre texture.
  3. Let the paint dry, add the ombre candles to the skull candle holders, and your halloween decor is about to get lit! (Literally!)

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