DIY Scalloped French Nails

If you know anything about me, you probably know that my taste in manicures tends to be on the bolder side. But sometimes its nice to let neutrals and nudes take center stage, especially if it means I get to have some fun upgrading the classic French manicure. Oh la la!

For this nail art tutorial, I upgraded my French tip with a scallop pattern, a super easy effect compliments of ... a pearl head pin! Pearls and French influences, how fancy this manicure turned out to be!

Watch the video above, and check out the step-by-step instructions below!

MrKate_Nails_3_DIY (24 of 45)MrKate_Nails_3_DIY (2 of 45)

Prep It:

Sally Hansen nail polish in Camelflage Essie nail polish in Blanc Clear top coat Pearl head pin

MrKate_Nails_3_DIY (17 of 45)MrKate_Nails_3_DIY (19 of 45)MrKate_Nails_3_DIY (21 of 45)

Do It!:

  1. If you want a traditional nude and white French manicure, start with a base coat of your nude-tone polish. If you're mixing it up with the color palette, start with your choice of color! Let this base coat fully dry before moving onto the next step.
  2. Dollop some white polish (or your secondary color) onto a disposable piece of paper or surface. Dip a pearl head pin into the white polish and use it to make dots across the top of your nails. To get the scalloped effect, you won't want full polka dots across your nail, so make sure to place the head of the pin right where your nail ends, so you'll get semi-circles!
  3. Connect the dots just along the tip of your nail with the white polish bottle brush to create a more connected lace look.
  4. Let your scallop pattern dry and use top coat to seal! To preserve the design, dot the top coat on the scalloped tips, let it self-level, and then continue to paint the rest of the nail!
MrKate_Nails_3_DIY (28 of 45)MrKate_Nails_3_DIY (22 of 45)

MrKate_Nails_3_DIY (27 of 45)

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