DIY Makeup Roll-Up

Admission: I own a lot of makeup. Some days I'm one of those liquid-liner-and-flit-out-the-door kinda gals but more of the time, I subscribe to a "more makeup = more fun" mentality. I mean, how else could I show you guys smokey eyes in emerald greens or vibrant blues?

The issue comes when I need to travel — there is just no efficient way to bring all these cosmetics without the corresponding bulk. Correction: there wasn't any way. There is now, with this equally adorable and admirably storage-friendly DIY roll-up. Depending on how you arrange your straps, it can hold all the brushes, blushes, glosses, compacts and goodies you could possibly want in a sleek and small design!

Check out the tutorial above and yummy pictures with the full how-to below!

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Prep It:

Large piece of reclaimed leather (we got one with a pretty pink pattern) or thick fabric like denim or canvas Ruler Leather cord (optional, in place of the string!) Thick string (in a color that matches your leather or fabric) Bead charm Fabric glue (optional) Fabric scissors X-acto knife Leather hole punch Marker Strong needle Thin waxed twine Cutting mat

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Do It!:

  1. Unroll the full length of your reclaimed leather and plan the shape of the roll. It helps during this step to lay out the cosmetics and brushes you want it to carry so you can make sure it is both tall and long enough to hold everything! Cut the shape, with 3 straight edges, and the fourth a little tapered, so it will wrap around to have a nice envelope-like closure.
  2. Lay out your cut piece of leather and place the cosmetics and brushes you want it to carry on it again. Strategize where things will be held, keeping the larger and wider items closer to the end, the tall brushes in the middle, and the smaller pieces towards the tapered end. Leave a good 6-8 inches of leather on the tapered end where no cosmetics are placed.
  3. Use the spare leather to cut strips about 3/4- 1 inch thick to hold these cosmetics and brushes in place. A piece of advice is to cut one long strip this width and place it over the items to see how long it needs to be. Leave about an inch extra on each end to give room for the height of the makeup product, and to be sewed. For the brushes in the middle, leave a few extra inches, since the strap will be sewed down to the larger leather piece in multiple places.
  4. Keeping the cosmetics in place, put the newly cut leather straps over them and use the marker to plan where to punch the holes in the strap to sew it to the larger piece of leather. Use the hole punch and make those holes - we did two holes for each sewing area to be able to loop the thread through. Then hold the hole-punched strap over the cosmetic and use the marker to poke through the holes and mark where the corresponding holes need to be punched on the larger piece of leather.
  5. Remove all the leather straps and cosmetics and punch the marked holes in the large piece of leather.
  6. Thread a thick needle with twine and sew the straps to the leather, lining up the holes, and starting the knots at the end of the thread on the inside of the roll. If you want to make the straps extra secure, use some fabric glue, as well!
  7. Punch two holes near the tip of the tapered end of the leather. Thread a needle with a long piece of your colorful thread and sew it back and forth through the holes a few times. Pull the thread to the front, patterned side of the leather and cut after about 2-3 feet. Secure the end of the thread around a bead or charm to give it flair and closure.
  8. Unravel the makeup roll again and place your cosmetics and brushes in their pockets. Roll up, starting at the straight end, and wind the colorful thread around the parcel a few times to fasten! Now you're ready to take your roll out on the town, pack it in a suitcase, or just place on your bathroom counter for when you're on the run!
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