DIY Personalized Photo Gift Box

Last year, I packaged my personalized gifts into sweet silver buckets, but it's 2016 baby! Time to put a lid on that concept (literally!)

These DIY Photo Boxes are the perfect template for any gift you want to give this season. Mine is an invitation for a spa and pizza (as represented by the Pizza Necklace) day with my sister, but yours could house a gift card, a piece of jewelry, or any other sweet sentiment that you want to build a story around. Your friend or loved one will be so excited to see all the thought and love that went into packaging their gift, plus they get a cool stained box to keep around their home! Talk about sustainable!

Check out the video for this Photo Box above, and read the steps below.


Prep It:

Slide top box Cherry wood stain 1 1/2 inch paintbrush White acrylic paint Tapered paintbrush Washi tape Velvet ribbon Gold tissue paper Moss Printer Soaps Mr. Kate Pizza Necklace


Do It!:

  1. Start by staining your wood box, working from the inside out. I liked a cherry stain, but you can choose the stain that works best with your theme/ recipient!
  2. Once your stain has dried, choose a word that encapsulates the gift and sketch it out on the top of the box. Using white acrylic paint and a tapered paintbrush (kind of like a calligraphy pen!), paint out your chosen word.
  3. Choose some photos of important, fun, or favorite memories between you and the person you're giving your gift to and print them out. Use a pretty ribbon to tie up the stack of pictures!
  4. Lay a folded piece of gold tissue paper at the bottom of the box, then layer in some moss to make a bed for your gifts.
  5. Add your photos to the box, then fill in the rest of the space with other personalized or themed gifts like handmade soaps or the Mr. Kate Pizza Necklace!
  6. Fill in the rest of the box with small trinkets or decorative accents, top it all off with a sweet note, either handwritten or printed, slide the lid back on, add a bow (if you'd like) and you're all set! Happy giving!


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