How To Decorate a Cubicle, 3 Ways

If you've ever watched Office Goals, you've probably realized that I like our workplace to be as creative and colorful as the rest of our content. But, not everyone's office has a flower wall, Cous Cous room, or crystal chandeliers. Some people work in cubicles, and that's awesome, too!! No matter if you're situated at a cubicle, home office, or some setup in between, I'm here to help you make your desk absolutely DIY-lightful.

Check out the video above to see how to get the graphic, boho, and colorful looks, and see more about each desk (with shopping links!) below. Also, make sure to share your wonderful workspace with #mrkatecuticle!!

Cubicle 1: Down to Black and White Business


Cubicles are themselves a clean, geometric design, so they lend themselves quite well to this model, gender neutral decor. Adding in a cork mousepad/ coaster, the wood drawing mannequin, and the plants add in a variety of textures so the look is still lively.

mrkate_cubicle_3ways_blog-44mrkate_cubicle_3ways_blog-28mrkate_cubicle_3ways_blog-49 mrkate_cubicle_3ways_blog-58 mrkate_cubicle_3ways_blog-57

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Cubicle 2: Cozy Creator's Cocoon


At home, you surround yourself with things and memories you love the most ... so #whynot do the same at work?! With key organizational elements like the magazine holders on the top shelf, the glass and gold desk organizer, and the paper boxes, you can keep this look from becoming too cluttered and keep it super boho cute.

mrkate_cubicle_3ways_blog-94mrkate_cubicle_3ways_blog-74mrkate_cubicle_3ways_blog-125mrkate_cubicle_3ways_blog-124 mrkate_cubicle_3ways_blog-102mrkate_cubicle_3ways_blog-89

Get the DIY for this Potato Stamped Eye Print Pillow!


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Cubicle 3: Color Connection


If you're cubicle is operating in the grey spectrum and you're more of a turquoise green kind of person, don't hesitate to bring the color with you! With sophisticated, feminine touches like the marble lamp, Eiffel tower planner, and black matte vase with flowers, this space stays office-appropriate while still being true to your fun side!

mrkate_cubicle_3ways_blog-184mrkate_cubicle_3ways_blog-154mrkate_cubicle_3ways_blog-144mrkate_cubicle_3ways_blog-160 mrkate_cubicle_3ways_blog-155mrkate_cubicle_3ways_blog-168

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