DIY Pom-Pom Sandals

Trend alert: fiesta feet! Pom-pom adorned sandals have been popping up lately like wildflowers (like these for over $200), and it's easy to see why. These colorful gladiators take the party on the go, and make any outfit feel carefree and down for a good time (even if you're only making a cat food run.)

When I see a trend like this, there is only one thing to do: DIY it! Luckily these eclectic and entertaining shoes lent themselves quite well to my hot glue gun impulses, so I was able to transform an older pair of gladiators into some fun footwear that really slays the game. The best part is that these shoes scream originality, so even if you got together with friends to make some, each of yours would look completely different!

Check out the tutorial above, and the full how-to below!

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Prep It:

Sandals Pom-poms (in varied colors and sizes) Trim Charms Thread Needle Hot glue gun Scissors

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Do It!:

  1. Start by planning out what you want your sandals to look like. It helps to tie them up your legs and use a pen to mark where you want the pom-poms and different charms to sit.
  2. Once you've taken the shoes off, pick up some trim and measure it along the length of the strap you want it to cover. Cut it to size and use the hot glue to adhere! Repeat this step with the different trims as you see fit and fabulous!
  3. Stick the pom-poms on with just a dab of hot glue, and use thread to attach pieces like charms. Try making your own pom-pom out out of thread for a little pop of something different!
  4. When you think you're done, try the shoes on again to make sure you like how everything is sitting, and to see if there are any areas that need more accoutrements. Once you've got the sandals exactly how you want them, throw on the rest of a colorful, fun summer look and you're ready for your Insta!

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