Office Goals 9: It's Photoshoot Time!

Whenever anything exciting happens in the Mr. Kate Offices, we obviously have to get it on camera! Something very exciting did happen recently — the photoshoot and release of the newest jewelry collection, Dusk!

That's not all we've been shooting, though — there was the start of the Cous Cous room makeover, trying out some stencil techniques for an upcoming episode of OMG We're Coming Over and ... Joey messing something up? Good thing we caught that on camera because it wouldn't be believed otherwise!

But all's well that ends well, especially when it ends in an episode of Office Goals AND a cool behind the scenes of how I make all of the jewelry collections. Did you know they're hand-carved from wax? Well you do now, and once you click play on the video above, you'll know a lot more and check out the new jewelry collection here! Enjoy!

IMG_1671MrKate_OfficeGoals9 (2 of 11)

These are metal jewelry castings of the original wax pieces that I make which we then use as "models" for the rubber molds. The rubber molds can be used up to 1000 times to create wax replicas for casting the reproductions of the jewelry pieces.

MrKate_OfficeGoals9 (3 of 11)MrKate_OfficeGoals9 (4 of 11)

I always sketch first to get my ideas on paper and see how pieces can work together as a collection.IMG_1696MrKate_OfficeGoals9 (5 of 11)

I use both hard carving wax and hot wax tools like a Wax Carver to create my designs.

MrKate_OfficeGoals9 (11 of 11)

Here are the original models next to the reproduced pieces made from the molds. The process of creating molds, shrinks the pieces 10% which is why the reproductions look a tad smaller.

MrKate_OfficeGoals9 (10 of 11)

Before a lookbook shoot, I style the looks and pair them with the jewelry pieces so the day of the photoshoot, we can move quickly from look to look.

mrkatestyled1_mrkatestyled3_Mrkatestyled2_mrkatestyled5_ And ta da!...

MrKate_DUSK_HighRes_LookbookFINAL (21 of 26)MrKate_DUSK_HighRes_LookbookFINAL (6 of 26)MrKate_DUSK_HighRes_LookbookFINAL (18 of 26)MrKate_DUSK_HighRes_LookbookFINAL (25 of 26)Yaaay! Another successful shoot and collection! Hope you love! Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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