Office Goals Episode 4: Moving In and Laugh Attacks

Knock, knock! Who's there? It's Team Mr. Kate!

The new office is open for business and we've wasted no time moving in and getting right to work. But sometimes that work requires digging through boxes of old toys, blowing up balloons, switching jobs at random, and ... farting? There's a lot more that goes into a Mr. Kate production than you realize, people!

Join in on our hilarious housewarming and watch episode 4 of Office Goals above!

MrKate_OfficeGoals_MovingIN (1 of 9)MrKate_OfficeGoals_MovingIN (6 of 9)MrKate_OfficeGoals_MovingIN (7 of 9)

MrKate_OfficeGoals_MovingIN (3 of 9)

MrKate_OfficeGoals_MovingIN_2 (4 of 6)MrKate_OfficeGoals_MovingIN_2 (6 of 6)MrKate_OfficeGoals_MovingIN (4 of 9)MrKate_OfficeGoals_MovingIN_2 (1 of 6)MrKate_OfficeGoals_MovingIN (5 of 9)MrKate_OfficeGoals_MovingIN_2 (3 of 6)MrKate_OfficeGoals_MovingIN_2 (2 of 6)

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