Office Goals Episode 5: Spray Painting, Shelves, and Selfies

First impressions are everything in this world, so it when it came to decorating the new office aka Mr. Kate Studios, it was of the utmost importance that the entry room made one hell of a HELLO!

And what makes more of a statement than a flower wall? You might recognize this DIY from a video we released this spring. We loved the colorful, inviting ambience the multicolored blooms, so we all set to work bedazzling the wall surrounding the neon Mr. Kate sign with a coterie of fun faux flowers.

Of course, we needed to inaugurate the occasion with the first team selfie in the new office — a major milestone you won't want to miss! Check out the episode above and scope some behind-the-scenes pics below!

MrKate_OfficeGoals_Hello_Room (8 of 15)MrKate_OfficeGoals_Hello_Room (1 of 15)MrKate_OfficeGoals_Hello_Room (5 of 15)MrKate_OfficeGoals_Hello_Room (2 of 15)MrKate_OfficeGoals_DIY_WOODTABLE (7 of 22)MrKate_OfficeGoals_Hello_Room (3 of 15)MrKate_OfficeGoals_Hello_Room (4 of 15)MrKate_OfficeGoals_Hello_Room (12 of 15)MrKate_OfficeGoals_Hello_Room (11 of 15) MrKate_OfficeGoals_Hello_Room (13 of 15)

Hmmmm, I wonder how this room is going to turn out? Stay tuned to future episodes of Office Goals to see!

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