The Spring collection from Mr. Kate is titled Ars Magika in honor of the magic of springtime. The collection features ethereal jewelry pieces inspired by the goddess within us all. The Ars Magika collection embraces the expressive vibes of the spring festival season with the mixed metal Goddess necklace, inspired by the Native American inverted crescent shape that harnesses personal power and edgy pieces like the Sorcoress earrings which mimic a tentacle looped through your ear. 

As part of the newness of Spring, we are also debuting Mr. Kate BeautyMarks "The New Makeup" - a collection of gold foil designs to adorn your face and body. The hand-drawn designs are applied like faux tattoos and can be cut up and worn in any way to accent your style.

Golden Freckles... Your Spring #MustHave!

Introducing a universe of style opportunites with the two-part Cosmic collection by Mr. Kate

Inspired by the vast majestic galaxy and all of its beautiful components the Cosmic collection features the mixed metal Cosmic BeautyMarks "The New Makeup" and the exquisitely chunky Meteor Cuff, available in aniqued gold and oxidized silver. The hand-drawn, galaxy-themed Cosmic BeautyMarks designs range from clusters of stars, phases of the moon, astrological signs, golden freckles and many more in gorgeous metallic gold, silver, and black. 

Use the BeautyMarks as "The New Makeup" for your Spring/Summer festival looks and style out-of-this-world arm parties with the new Meteor Cuff which is badass and surprisingly lightweight considering its mass...astro-physics lingo!

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Minimalist. Elevated. Classic.
The Delicates collection features five, new, dainty pieces for everyday wear with a Mr. Kate twist. Delicate rings and tiny bar stud earrings molded from three different styles of chain to retain every intricate detail while staying rigid for comfort and strength. Rings are solid sterling silver or 18k gold vermeil (gold dipped over sterling silver). Perfect for layering and mixing metals. All rings are available in a range of sizes to be worn as regular and midi rings. 
Style the pieces from the Delicates collection with gold and silver Mr. Kate 'Freckles' BeautyMarks. All hand-drawn metallic silver and golden flecks are easily applied like faux tattoos and accentuate the shine of the jewelry and your own natural beauty! 
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You’re invited to uncover Dusk, the new jewelry collection from Mr. Kate.

The Dusk collection by Mr. Kate, explores the aesthetic implications and interpretations of the ancient, magnificent formations that were here long before us, made of man, earth, and sky. Designed and hand-crafted out of wax, Dusk tells a 14-piece story that finds its inspiration in history, but ultimately is a testament to the multi-dimensional and limitless style of today.

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Put a bow on it! Capture the excitement of a beautifully wrapped gift or the elegance of the black-tie with the newest Mr. Kate collection. 

Le Cadeau ("The Gift" in French) is a play on the classic bow silhouette with the signature Mr. Kate twist. Soft and feminine bows are juxtaposed in bold metal forms and luxe finishes from glamourous gold to edgy oxidized silver. The collection features a range of delicate to bold, with pieces like the intricate Tuxedo Handpiece providing the perfect accessory for a glamorous night out to the statement Cadeau Chaine Necklace featuring layers of gold chain and faceted crystal accents.


Don't wait to shop for the perfect gift for mom! Whether her style is sweet, edgy, minimalist, professional, or glamorous, we've got you covered with our curated top picks from the Mr. Kate shop.

Have you heard the rumble in the jungle? The bustle in the barnyard? Mr. Kate’s Party Animals are here … and they’re ready to get wild. The capsule collection which features 3 designs: Elegant Elephant, Posh Pig, and Turnt Tiger, was inspired by one of the most popular DIYs in Mr. Kate’s book “A Hot Glue Gun Mess.” Each ring is a stunning statement piece, festooned with Swarovski crystals, with a pearl accent on the Tiger and some rhinestone touches on the Pig. Available in antiqued gold and oxidized silver, in sizes 5-9, the rings look best when taking center stage or stacked all together, creating a true safari soiree.

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The Phased collection by Mr. Kate features an eclectic mix of jewelry pieces and a new packet of the bestselling BeautyMarks now in multi-colored metallic Confetti designs. The pieces are inspired by effortless style that layers minimalist designs like the Baguette Crystal Cuff and Phases of the Moon Necklace with quirky statement pieces like the Pizza Necklace and the Why Not ring set. There is no wrong way to style your jewelry and the Phased collection celebrates that. Mix your metals and top off your look with a sprinkling of faux tattoo confetti this Fall! Shop the new collection below.

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Mr. Kate’s newest product, Pussy Panties, is a cheeky, chic, and clever set of feline-inspired underwear. Featuring Mr. Kate’s Insta-famous kitties Winston and Roxanne, the coquettish design is a nod towards longtime fans, but is just as fun for the every girl. 100% cotton, with a custom hipster cut and Mr. Kate elastic logo waistband, these panties are as thoughtful and well-executed in design as they are in representing Mr. Kate’s signature quirky sense of humor. With the holidays right around the corner, and the cat lady on the prowl in pop culture, there is no better time to get your hands on (and your booty in!) a pair of these Pussy Panties. Underpants are available in a set of two with exclusive Pussy Panties pouch for $25

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This summer, celebrate your inner animal with RAWR! - the newest collection from Mr. Kate. RAWR features subtly dangerous pieces inspired by our fascination and connection with the wild side. The freshly bitten Saber Necklaces come in three designs on different delicate chains and are perfect for layering, while the Lagoon Earpiece with its ocean inspired fin is perfect for your summer style statements. The Finx Cuff is the manifestation of a mythical creature that is sure to make you RAWR! These styles and more are available in brilliant yellow, white and rose gold finishes.

We are also now pleased to bring you the bestselling Mr. Kate Beautymarks, The New Makeup, in black and silver to highlight your summer glow and compliment our existing Gold Beautymarks.


To the wanderers belong the earth, to the dreamers, the sky; to those who desire the mystical beauty of both, it is time to discover the Relic Collection by Mr. Kate. Organic, mysterious, and esoteric, this multi-dimensional and effortlessly chic jewelry line pays homage to the history of this world and represents the unbridled potential of its future. Comprised of 16 pieces, each hand carved in wax by Mr. Kate, these metallic and crystal-embedded accessories venture through the ocean with the Coral Hoop Earrings and into caves and deserts with the Cave Necklace, before rocketing across the sun and moon with the Crescent Earrings, Ring, and Necklace, reflecting the most beautiful aspects of each monument along the way. Forged in brass and coated in lustrous 18 karat Antiqued and White Gold, the Relic Collection casts its unearthly beauty upon casual and lavish styles with equal grace. Your hunt for hidden treasure has ended, the Relic Collection has arrived.

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Transported back in time, step into an entirely new realm of design with the latest collection from Mr. Kate. Lily Elsie, an Edwardian era actress, was the muse for the newest Mr. Kate release, whose perfectly accessorized ensembles tell the story of a life well traveled through the treasures we choose to wear. The signature Mr. Kate aesthetic of juxtaposition unites this collection of matte metals and sparkling crystals. Feminine with an edge, effortless while always perfectly accessorized. The Elsie collection is available in various gold, silver and brass pieces ranging from exquisite rings and bracelets with inset crystals, earrings and necklaces with marquise cut stones, to edgy crystal, pave ear cuffs and an eye patch that can also be worn as a headpiece or necklace.

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Gold never looked so cozy and rosy. The Winter Rose collection, by Mr. Kate, features feminine yet edgy pieces marked by the juxtaposition of soft rose petals and delicate thorns forever frozen in time and gold.

The perfect collection of gifts for your loved ones, including yourself, each piece is imagined and handmade with love and laughs in 
Los Angeles, California.