DIWhyNot: Whimsical DIY Easter Decor

I love creating decor vignettes dedicated to the changing seasons and today's DIWhyNot is all about the re-birth of the Spring season after the darkness of Winter aka Easter.

My outfit in this video: top: old from UO but similar here, overalls: old from Frankie B. but similar here.

I treated this trio of DIYs like I do when I decorate a room:

  1. Pick a color palette
  2. Bring in metallics
  3. Bring in a variety of prints/patterns
  4. Style it all together with varying heights and textures.

I love the large-scale, abstract art that I painted in the video above using the colors from my color palette. It's so fun to paint on a giant canvas in this forgiving style... you don't have to be a skilled painter so just have fun with it! For another easy, large scale painting check out DIY Spoon Art.

Looking for more fun Easter DIY's? Check out '3 Cute N' Easy Easter DIY's'



Abstract Spring 'Rebirth' Art

mrkate_easter_palette MrKate_DIY_AbstractEasterPainting-2x


Prep It:





Do It!:

  1. Cover your painting area with drop cloths (use tape and a plastic drop cloth to cover the wall if your resting your canvas against it to paint)
  2. Squirt out the paint colors onto paper plates.
  3. Paint the canvas with thick deliberate strokes, I advise starting with your lightest color. I used my cream color on the top and light blue on the bottom and overlapped them at the center of the canvas. Have fun with creating your interpretation of the darkness of Winter giving birth to the light of Spring. Let dry.
  4. Go over with your next round of colors. I used my pastel pink in areas over the blue and cream. Let dry.
  5. Squirt globs of your darkest color at the top of your canvas and let drip down a bit then use your egg-shaped sponge to press the globs into egg-like prints. Kind of like big Spring rain drops.
  6. End with some more drips. You may want to add some water into the tube of dark paint to thin it and make the drips run down the canvas more easily.
  7. Let your piece of art work dry completely and hang or prop on a surface as part of your Spring rebirth / Easter vignette.



Glitter Dipped Eggs



Prep It:





Do It!:

  1. Spray paint the paper mache eggs on the drop cloth and let dry.
  2. Put some glue in one plate and some glitter in another and roll the base of an egg around in the glue and then coat in glitter. Let dry.
  3. For the hanging eggs: cut a little loop of string and hot glue it to the top of the eggs
  4. Display the large eggs in your drink tray and hang the little eggs from the branches. (TIP: I placed feathers that incorporated my color palette from the painting in the vase and around the eggs for a finishing touch.)



Pattern Eggs



Prep It:



Do It!:

  1. Prep your eggs by either hard boiling them (for short term display because of spoilage), blowing out the yolks by poking a hole in the top and bottom with a needle (save the liquid eggs for a quiche!) or using paper maché eggs (most long lasting and animal friendly option).
  2. Draw different patterns onto the eggs using different sized permanent markers. (TIP: have fun with these. The little hand done touches are what make these so cool looking. Do polkadots, stripes, fingerprints, all black, etc.)
  3. Display and enjoy! (TIP: I styled mine in an oversized mason jar and in a glass jewelry box with some dried straw (from crafts store) for nesting. I also think these look cute displayed in the cardboard egg carton with the top ripped off and feathers scattered around!)











What do you think? I'd love to hear from you in the comments! xoxo

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