DIY winky shorts


Cheeky cheeky!

Yaaaay shorts weather is upon us and the perfect way to get your butt ready for summer is to wink at it! Spruce up an old pair of cut-off shorts with an embroidered winky face and you'll be fresh and ready to enjoy the warm months. See how to make the perfect pair of distressed denim shorts from old jeans in this tutorial.

Like a winky butt? How about a flower head? 'DIY Daisy Hat'

MrKate_DIY_WinkyShorts-18 MrKate_DIY_WinkyShorts

Prep It:







Do It!:

  1. Optional: if you don't have a pair of shorts you want to use you can make your own distressed and/or ombre shorts by following this tutorial and then dunking the bleach shorts from the top and bottom in different colors of dye - Tip: pick dye colors that are close on the color wheel so you don't risk bleeding colors together and getting a brown tinge.
  2. Thread the needle and knot both ends of the thread together.
  3. Poke the needle through the pocket from the inside to hide the knot and start your first stitch.
  4. When sewing your eyes and mouth make sure to double up and go through the thread you've already sewn to prevent any gaps in your line. I went over the eyes a couple times to give them a thick line.
  5. Knot off each section inside the pocket before moving to the next. There's no wrong way to make the eyes and mouth, they don't have to be perfect at all!
  6. Style your new bad-a$$ shorts with a comfy tee and fun sneakers!




I love these Golden Goose sneakers



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