DIY art from nature

i'm so excited about this DIY! it was so relaxing and fun to do and i think really approachable for anyone because you can interpret it in a million different ways! watch the video above for the full DIY and explanation.

the pattern was inspired by the textile designs of William Morris. i bought the canvas at my local art store for $30 and the natural elements were either picked up off the side of the road, from a crafts store or from the grocery store (popcorn kernels and pistachio shells). i hope you love this DIY and please comment with any questions, etc. also send me your nature art DIYs, i'd love to see them! attach to comment or email

What You Need:

  • large canvas (mine is 36" x 36")
  • pencil or waterbased marker to sketch your design
  • acrylic paint in the color palette of your choosing
  • paint brush
  • various natural elements: raffia, corn kernels, pistachio shells, dried leaves (press and dry them in a heavy book first), berries (dry them by hanging them upside down), moss, twigs, sand
  • hot glue gun
  • Elmer's clear school glue, if you're using sand
  • a spray-on clear coat sealer - i used Krylon's Low Odor Clear Finish in Matte
Do It:
  1. paint your base color on your canvas - make sure to paint the edges if you're going to hang it on the wall with no frame, it makes it look much more finished.
  2. plot and sketch your design in pencil or water-based marker
  3. fill in your design with paint colors - also plan what natural elements you're going to put where so you know what background paint color to use. let paint dry.
  4. hot glue your natural elements to your design. if you're using sand, use a coat of Elmer's glue, then sprinkle with sand, wait for the glue to dry completely and brush off excess sand outside.
  5. finish with a couple coats of spray sealer to seal your natural elements and prolong the life of your piece. if you've dried your leaves and berries before-hand, your art should last and last!
  6. mount it on your wall and enjoy it's peace and beauty!

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