DIY beaded sweater

It's true, moving has forced me to clean out my closet, a task I was avoiding because it was a BIG job. During the purging I encountered some items of clothing that were still in good shape but needed some re-imagining so I could be excited to wear them again. Skull beads to the rescue! This sweater just needed some collar embellishing with these funky skull beads I'd ordered off Etsy. Use whatever beads you like to jazz up an old sweater with this easy DIY. Also see DIY jeweled socks for an easy way to spruce up your old socks!

Watch the video above for the full tutorial.

Prep It:
  • sweater
  • beads - with holes big enough for a needle and thread
  • embroidery needle
  • embroidery thread to match your sweater
  1. Plan your layout with your beads
  2. Cut a long piece of thread, thread your needle and double the thread with a knot at the end.
  3. Sew the beads on the sweater by threading the needle through the hole of the bead and through the gaps in the knit of your sweater. Loop through the bead and sweater enough times so the bead feels secure and move on to the next bead by stringing the thread across the inside of your sweater.
  4. Seal the thread with a couple more knots and trim off the excess
  5. Wear it and love it!

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