DIY candy cane scarf

You probably remember the DIY Upcycled T-shirt Scarf that is so fun and so easy to make out of an old t-shirt. For this holiday season I wanted to update it by making a DIY Candy Cane Scarf that you can go a step further and braid into a festive statement necklace or leave it in red and white t-shirt scarf form - like I did in the below video with Daily Candy.

Watch this video for the how-to steps to making the scarf and see below for more info on the braided option.

Prep It:
  • one red and one white t-shirt (100% cotton with no side seams) cut in strips and pulled into tubes (see video above or this post for that part of the DIY)
  • a small strip of t-shirt fabric - you can cut it from the left-over sleeve - to attach your 3 braided loops
  • scissors
  1. Cut your red and white stretched out t-shirt segments into 3 separate segments for your braided sections
  2. Cut each pulled strip apart from your connecting (uncut) piece on one side (leaving the other side connected) so you have free ends to braid
  3. Combine one segment of red with one segment of white and braid. TIP: Anchor your two pieces on something sturdy like a doorknob or your toe to make it much easier to braid. I chose to do a fishtail braid to keep the white and red colors in segments.
  4. End each braid by wrapping one of the pieces around a couple times and looping it through to create a knot. Repeat steps 2 to 4 with all of your red and white segments.
  5. Make your braided pieces into loops by pulling the knotted end through a gap in the braids at the other end - if you braided your pieces nice and tight, this should be a secure connection. Make it even more secure with a little hot glue on the knotted end.
  6. Take your three braided and looped pieces and connect them together using your extra piece of t-shirt - wrap it around and knot it.
  7. Wear it or gift it!
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