DIY last minute holiday hair

Gabriella asks: Hi! my hair is extremely curly and frizzy and I need a quick a chic look for a party in an hour and a half. I want to showcase my curls but not my frizz. AHHH Mr.Kate help. (i know you can) My Answer: Hi Gabriella! I'm probably too late for this particular party but this Last Minute Holiday Hair Up Do is perfect for messy or curly hair and perfect if you have a little time in between entertaining relatives to get ready for a festive shindig. I always thought those clip-on ponytail extensions were so scary but all it takes is a little outside-the-box thinking and you can use them to create a complex-looking (but totally easy) hair do! The thing that makes up-dos look so amazing on the red carpet etc. is because they always use fake hair to create bulk and glamour. This is the perfect short-cut to that exaggerated look which is perfect for any party or night out. Happy hairy holidays! Watch the video above for the full tutorial and see OOTD: hair charmsies , DIY easy pin curls, DIY braided sock bun for more hair-do ideas. Prep it:
  • clip-on ponytail extension that matches your hair color - check your local beauty supply, wig shop or drug store!
  • hair brush/teasing comb
  • hair elastics
  • bobby pins
  • hair spray
  1. Optional: Part a chunk of hair across your hairline (from ear to ear) and separate it from the bulk of your hair - you'll use it later for the front braid.
  2. Put the bulk of your hair in a top ponytail and secure with an elastic.
  3. Clip the clip-on ponytail horizontally across the front of your ponytail and wrap it around your ponytail creating a bun but leaving your real hair sticking out the center of the bun. Pin in place with bobby pins.
  4. Braid the length of your own hair sticking out from the middle of the bun and pull it down and across the front of your faux bun and pin in place.
  5. Optional: Pull all your hair from that separate chunk towards you hairline over to one side of your face and start a french braid at one ear, braiding across your hairline and picking up hair as you go until you reach your other ear ( or even go behind it if your hair is long enough) pin in place.
  6. Spray a finishing coat of hairspray to hold your do in place and get to that party!

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