DIY chain shoes

I recently saw these Givenchy chain shoes and loved the look and thought, 'hellllo, DIY!' You can add chain like this to any pair of boots or lace ups to upcycle them to something new and funky for your fall/winter wardrobe. I chose these lace up wedge oxford-looking shoes, that I had hanging out in my closet, because they are made of faux leather (which makes them easier to pierce with the needle) and they only had two holes for laces so it's not too much chain…although, I'm not sure there is even such a thing.

So join the chain gang!…in the like, not jail kind of way.

Prep It:
  • gold chain - look at your local bead store
  • shoes - of your choice
  • pliers, wire cutter or bolt cutters
  • artificial sinew or thick thread
  • embroidery needles
  • thimble
  1. take out the laces of the shoes and/or analyze where you would like to add the chain embellishment on your personal pair
  2. measure the chain by holding it by the holes where the laecs were (make sure to leave enough room so you can get your feet in the shoes!)
  3. use the pliers to open the chain links and/or cut the links with a wire cutter or bolt cutter (depending on the thickness of the chain)
  4. thread your needle with the sinew and knot the two ends together to create a double strand
  5. poke a hole through the shoe close to the original hole from the laces - tip: use the thimble to push it through if it's thick - and sew on one end of the chain using the original hole for the laces and the new hole you pierce with the needle to create a loop to secure the chain. sew through the two holes enough times for the chain to feel secure then knot the thread and trim.
  6. repeat step 5 on all ends of the chain
  7. chain chain chaaaaain, chain of COOOLs - that's you! in your new chain shoes

Other shoe DIYs: shoe bow, spiked shoe soles, clip-on earrings as shoe clips, metallic spraypainted oxfords, neon duct tape and beads shoelaces, and ombre sneakers!

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