DIY craftsmen inspired statement mirror

Sometimes you encounter rooms that have odd space plans and/or window placement and this room I recently designed in the video above, was one of those! It had an odd, off-set window that needed a fantastic statement mirror to balance the room. I teamed up with Cabot Premium Wood Finish to create a custom, craftsmen inspired statement mirror using warm wood tones to bring a cozy, homey vibe to the borrrrriiiinnnggg space. Watch the video above for the before, after and DIY! Also check out DIY Colorful Chairs where I used bright stains to create a mis-matched look.

The room BEFORE...

And, AFTER….

I changed the placement of the couch and brought in more colorful pillows and accessories to add design interest along with the pretty wood mirror.

Prep It:
  • mirror - either unfinished wood or a mirror that you can sand to remove the previous finish/varnish or paint
  • paint brushes - one large for the wood finish and one small artist brush for the corner joints
  • painter's tape
  • Cabot Premium Wood Finish in the color(s) of your choice , I used two natural wood tones for slight variation and a mixed wood look. The finishes come in a bunch of bright colors too….see how I used them on dining chairs in this post!
  1. If your mirror has a previous finish on it, sand it off with medium grit sandpaper. If your mirror is unfinished wood you can skip this step.
  2. Tape off the interior of the mirror to protect it from the finish
  3. Tape off the sides of the wood frame that you want to apply your first color - I used the corner joint as my separation joint.
  4. Apply your coat of wood finish using your large brush and strokes that mimic the natural direction of the wood grain
  5. Let dry then move tape and repeat step 3 with your other color along the other side of your mirror - let dry for 2 hours or until dry to the touch
  6. Apply your craftsmen painted "wood joints" using your smaller artist brush and a dark shade of finish. Paint L shapes in the corners which from far away will look like wood joints!
  7. Hang it on your wall! Bam!
Outfit Deets:

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