DIY Colorful Crate Wall

When it comes to room design, storage can get kind of an unfair reputation. It's functional but not always fun — necessary so your room isn't cluttered, but usually not the part of your room you are most excited about. Rarely does storage get to make a statement ... until today.

Using the DIY crate shelf trick from this video and our past Mr. Kate office, with a new and improved rainbow color scheme, we gave Jessie Paege the storage wall of her cotton candy dreams. It can hold so many things, but also holds its own in the midst of her bright and exciting unicorn den. Plus — we designed it to show off her aqua guitar. What's not to love?!

Prep It:

Wooden crates Spray paint primer Pastel pink spray paint Hot pink spray paint Orange spray paint Yellow spray paint Green spray paint Blue spray paint Purple spray paint Screws with wall anchors Screwdriver Optional: guitar hook

Do It!:

  1. Prime all your crates with a spray paint primer. Unless you have already planned the arrangement of your crates on the wall, you might not know if you're going to have the top (open side), or bottom exposed, so it's helpful to prime all sides, interior and exterior, of the crates.
  2. Spray paint your crates in the assorted colors. We did only one each of the orange and hot pink crates, and used those richer, more vibrant colors to ground the structure, and then painted 2-3 each of all the other colors (and left one blank for a touch of natural texture.) If you want to mix your own paint colors instead of spray painting, it could be really cool to make each crate a different color as they go around, like a gradient! As with the primer, make sure to paint all interior and exterior sides of the crates.
  3. We knew we were building the crate wall around Jessie's guitar, so we had a gap in the center. Arrange your crates around any items you want to display, or just in an arrangement that you like! Screw the crates to the wall through the wood, using an anchor so they are secured. See more about this process here!
  4. Fill your crates with decorative items, jewelry displays, records, or whatever you want to show off!

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