DIY denim vest with flower collar

It's Summer and vests are perfect to layer up outfits while still keeping you cool and farmer's tan safe. My obsession with faux flowers is quickly becoming certifiable - case in point: Flower Twinkle Lights and Rose Crown - and I love this DIY that uses little faux rose-buds to glam up a basic jean vest. If you have an old jean jacket languishing in your closet, it could be perfect for this project - or, do what we did and find one for $7 at your local thrift.

I like pairing jean vests with lightweight dresses, I like the juxtaposition of the denim and girly and it also satisfies my 90's nostalgia. Interpret this DIY in your own way using whatever color flowers or other decorative elements to jazz up a jean vest…ooo, imagine a black jean vest with white flowers!

Prep It:
  • jean jacket
  • bleach - optional if you want to lighten the denim color
  • scissors
  • faux flowers - we got ours in a bunch from the silk flower section at Michael's crafts store.
  • fabric glue
  1. cut off the sleeves of your jacket. tip: cut one side first, then line up the sleeve with the other side and cut along the edge so the sides are even
  2. if you want to bleach the vest lighter, wash the vest in the washing machine with about two cups of bleach, depending on how light you want the vest - see this post where I bleach jean shorts in a tub of water to create the perfect pair of distressed jean shorts
  3. dry vest in dryer - this will also fray your edges along where you cut the sleeves
  4. plan your lay-out for the flowers (using your scissors, trim the flowers off the stems if they came on stems)
  5. using your fabric glue, put a small amount on the bottom of the flower and place it on the corner of the collar, hold down. continue with the rest of the flowers until you've created the look you like.
  6. let the glue dry and wear it!!!

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