DIY Fairy Lights and Instant Photos Headboard

Your bedroom is arguably the most personal space in your home, which is why it's very common to display special photos of family, friends, loved ones, or specific memories in that area.

With this DIY, which is perfect for dorms or other bedrooms sans traditional headboards, I combined the irresistible, incandescent glow of copper fairy lights with the popular Instax photos to make a headboard that is glowy and full of good times.

Prep It:

Fairy lights Small photo clips Instax Camera (if you don't already have!)

Do It!:

  1. String up your fairy lights over your bed, using small nails, or command hooks if you don't want to make holes!
  2. Once your lights are arranged as you'd like them, start clipping photos onto the wire between lights.
  3. Rearrange your photos, switch them out, add more, and keep the interactivity of this headboard design going!

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