DIY Twinkle Light Constellation Map Art

Unless you casually have a professional grade telescope laying around, it's pretty rare to see the night sky in its full glory. Yet, so many of us feel a connection to the cosmos and their heavenly arrangements. It can be both beautiful and meaningful to recreate the starry arrangement of a special day or time in your life as a piece of forever glistening art for your home!

Check out the steps for this stellar DIY below!

Prep It!:

Wood canvas Pencil Paintbrush Black paint White paint Power drill Sandpaper Twinkle lights (with battery pack) and remote Tape Sharpie

Do It!:

  1. Start by drawing out the circle that will be your constellation map in the center of your canvas.
  2. Using a picture of a specific night sky or constellation as reference, or free-handing your own starry designs, mark where the stars will be with the pencil.
  3. Drill a hole through each of the marked spots. Make sure the hole is big enough that a little light can fit in it!
  4. Paint the outside of the circle with white paint, and the inside of the circle with black paint. You can definitely get creative here, adding shading or different colors if you'd like!
  5. When the paint is dry, use your sharpie to connect the stars in each constellation, subtly pointing out the shape that they're making.
  6. Now to give your painting its glisten! Tape the battery pack of the twinkle lights in one corner of the back of the canvas. Make sure to leave the pack itself exposed so the batteries can be changed without hassle. The remote operated lights are ideal so you can switch on and off from the front of the canvas by just pointing the remote.
  7. Work the twinkle lights around the back of the design, inserting one light into each hole ... aka making a star! Tape as you go to keep your twinkle lights secure.
  8. When you're finished with the lights, hang your new painting on the wall and enjoy watching it glow brighter as day turns to night!

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