DIY Fairy Lights Canopy

December 2, 2017 called, and it wants to tell you that as of now, traditional headboards are over! Inspired by one of the most popular Pinterest ideas, this gauzy, fairy light-adorned DIY canopy brings an element of dreaminess and elegant drama to a bedroom!

Prep It!:

2 curtain rods Gauzy curtains (amount depending on if you want a more sheer or voluminous look) 6 strings fairy lights Screw hooks Strong, pliable wire Wire cutters Pliers

Do It!:

  1. Measure out where the curtain rod-length canopy should hang over your bed and mark on the ceiling where the screw hooks for the curtain rods should be. Screw in screw hooks into the ceiling.
  2. To hang the curtain rod from the screw hooks, bend strong wire into a figure 8 shape, wrapping around the middle so it's extra secure, then hang those 8's from the screw hooks. It is helpful to create this around the curtain rod, then just hang it up!
  3. Once your curtain rods are hung, remove the finials from one side and slide the curtains onto the rod.
  4. Let the curtains hang down (and steam if you want to get rid of any wrinkles!) while you screw in 6 evenly spread screw hooks for the fairy lights a few inches behind the outer curtain rod.
  5. Hang the non-plug end of the fairy lights from the screw hooks and drape over the inner curtain rod. You can use extension cords and a circuit breaker to make sure they are all able to be plugged in!
  6. Drape your outer curtains over the inner curtain rod, with slack to create that draping canopy look.
  7. Your canopy is complete! Time for sweet (and well-lit) dreams!

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