DIY Feather Twinkle Lights


In addition to being cheerful and full of amazing DIY potential, the holiday seasons have this distinct magic to them. I honored this exciting spirit with a DIY Unicorn Tree that featured an element named after yet another magical being — fairy lights!

These tiny string lights are already whimsical and charming on their own, but for my tree, I decided to DIY an extra precious touch with some glue and feathers! I chose fluffy white feathers, but you could add colored plumes, glittered ones, anything that fits your own magical holiday spirit!


Prep It:

Fairy lights Feathers Hot glue gun and glue sticks


Do It!:

  1. Decide the placement of your feathers, whether you want them in between every light or every couple of lights, etc.
  2. When you've decided, start the gluing process! Add a drop of hot glue to the base of the feather, then attach it to the string of lights. It's much easier to glue the feather then press it onto the lights than to try and get glue on the tiny wire, I promise!
  3. When you're all done, make sure all the glue is dry and you're ready to add some wonderful winter whimsy to your decor!

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