DIY Felt Holiday Cat Collars


The holidays are all about family, so we couldn't let this season go by without doing something a little extra special for our fur babies Winston and Roxanne.

While Joey and I matched (or mis-matched?) in our loud and proud holiday sweaters, we needed a little something for the kitties to wear to make this a full family affair. So, #whynot some new felt cat collars to give them a very merry makeover? So cute! Rudolph and his reindeer gang ain't got nothing on our festive felines.


Prep It:

Felt in a variety of colors Fabric scissors Pen Sew-on bells Sew-on magnets Thread Needle


Do It!:

  1. Cut a strip of felt about 1/2 inch - 3/4 inch thick to make the body of the collar. You should use your cat's regular collar for a guide in how long to make it (but leave a little extra length for the closure!) Otherwise just fit it around your kitty's neck and trim any extra length.
  2. Using either a stencil or your own creativity, draw the shape of little holy leaves onto different colors of felt. We made the leaves in two different sizes (one slightly smaller than the other) so that the could be layered!
  3. Thread a needle and sew your holly leaves onto the collar. Place them right in the middle so they will be visible from the top of your cat's neck!
  4. Choose a jingle bell, pom pom, or other decorative accent and sew on in the place of the holly berries!
  5. Sew on some magnets or velcro as a closure, then fit your kitty with their new holiday attire!

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