DIY hi-low skirt

Oh maxi skirts, not like maxi pads but really, they basically fit the same way: they go alll the way around and they're kind of hard to walk in. But you know what's not hard to walk in? A maxi skirt where you chop off the front! That's exactly what we did with this DIY! We found an old maxi skirt at the Goodwill and performed a skirt circumcision, if you will, creating a very warm-weather-appropriate, and very hot right now, hi-low skirt! I am definitely more prone to wearing a hi-low skirt than a maxi skirt because frankly, it just shows off my shoes more!

Prep It:

  • long skirt (maybe an old one from your closet or check your local thrift store)
  • scissors
  • safety pin
  • optional: iron-on hem tape and iron or sewing machine to hem

  1. try on the skirt and mark with the safety pin where you want the shortest point to be in the front
  2. lay the skirt out on a flat with the fold running down the center of the front and back of the skirt (not the sides). Make sure all the edges are lines up and there are no creases.
  3. begin cutting from the marked spot which should hit the crease if you've folded correctly **if you plan to hem, allow room for your hem**. Cut in a curved shape from the crease down to the bottom hemline, expanding the area more and more with a gentle slope. **Tip: its okay to cut a small amount first, try it on to see where it lands on your body, and then cut it again to get it just right!
  4. optional: depending on the fabric of your skirt, you may want to finish your fresh cut with a hem. Use iron-on hem tape or a sewing machine to finish the edge. Please refer to this past DIY post where we've used iron-on hem tape.
Outfit Deets:
  • shirt: Forever 21
  • shoes: Zara
  • skirt: thrift store and cut hi-lo
  • sunglasses: House Of Harlow
  • jewelry: Mr. Kate

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